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Welcome to the swim!

Post  Zhorn on Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:51 am

<Adult Swim> US Mal'ganis is an adults only guild focused on valuing good natured people above all else. We are filled with college, military, and parents of little ones. Raid teams run the gambit in goals/skill/schedule. Established in 2010 by Vanilla experienced players with the goal of creating a haven for good people.

We expected it to hopefully fill up enough to raid with a 10 man team. The guild is now running 900+ toons and the most highly ranked guild on GuildOx because of our helpful nature and super nice players. If you're sick of the racist homophobe little kiddos in trade chat then you may fit in here at Adult Swim

We're a low key guild that raids 2-3 nights per week. We take these two nights pretty seriously but maturely. We don't accept raging, blaming, or loot drama. We're old damn it.. we don't have time for this kind of drama.

If you think you fit and would like to work your way onto a team please feel free to get in touch. Since our culture is much more important to us than our progression, we do not recruit directly to a team. You earn a spot on a team that makes sense for your skills, schedule, and goals.

Our top raid team typically runs in the top 15% world for heroic kill rankings but we do have teams for all levels of player. We are truly looking for good natured adults first and all the rest comes in time.

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