Lahks - Warrior - DPS

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Lahks - Warrior - DPS

Post  Lahks on Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:55 pm

Age: Turning 46 at end of this month
Occupation: Director of IT Dept for smallish company
Real Life name (optional): Greg

Character name: Lahks
Race/Class: Goblin Warrior
Main spec: Fury

Armory link:

Team you're interested in joining: Neither right now - Just looking for decent ppl to play casually with. Willing to fill in as needed where ever I can, when I have the time to play. Looking for my niche raiding toon/role, suspect it will be Resto Druid, Mage, Hunter, or Unholy DK. I like alts and variety, but am able to focus on a toon and role as needed by Guild and ability to play the class well.

Do you feel you could attend to at least 90% of the team's raids? Yes, when I commit to raiding I make every attempt to keep that time clear and attend, or notify the appropriate person ASAP.

Background: Been playing since Vanilla. Didn't really raid until BC as Warlock. Raided in WoLK as a Resto Druid and then as Demo Lock. Only ran LFR in Cata - on six toons each week. Followed my guild from Boulderfist because they said the server was too low population and wanted more players to pick Raiders from. Slotted to play as Fury Warrior in second 10 man that has never come together. Not happy with current guild, due to low membership and elitist attitude of GM and his main Raid group. Guild Recruiter not recruiting and most of my Friends have stopped playing or left.

I am married with 3 children, twins age 13, oldest 15, and am currently in the middle of a business buy out deal for our company with 2 partners with the previous owner. Lots of stress in RL, don't need more in WOW. I am looking for a new Guild with decent people who can have fun and respect each other. I enjoy running LFRs and Battle Pets right now, and would love to have more people to grind rep, run heroics, level alts with, etc. . . .

When I raid I try to be as prepared as my RL schedule allows, but I honestly learn the best/fastest by actual play. I try very hard to learn from, and not repeat, my mistakes. I prefer not to talk in vent, so I can focus on listening. I feel gemming and enchanting is very important, but prefer not to spend 6k in gold on Dancing Steel for a Heroic/LFR weapon, so Windsong is my next choice. Bring Flasks, and food, etc. If my Guild Master or Raid Leader tells me to suck it up and do something, I do it regardless of my opinion (which I may express if I feel important for consideration). Team comes first. Loot is nice, but is not what makes me happy. Progression and what is best for the Guild/Raid is. Loot will follow. Hopeful as time frees up in RL to be able to contribute more, but still have a WoW widow to keep happy. I play with a Nostromo (old habit) and use 5 keybinds for a toons most used abilities, other than that, I am a keyboard turner who clicks icons. Not a superstar, but also not incompetent. I value feedback and suggestions, and simply want to find the best way to contribute.

I believe playing WoW should be fun, and leave you feeling better after you play, than before you played. Not always the case I know, but just being around decent people is all it takes sometimes, not Loot, etc. I like having a variety of toons, with all of the professions covered, so I don't have to bother people for every little thing. Here are my other toons on Mal'Ganis

Haxz - 90 unhold DK
Nehh - 90 Boomkin/Resto
Buhbba - 85 Disc Priest
Dwarvenbane - 85 Ret Pally
Zhohan - 85 BM Hunter
Scrappicoco - 85 Frost/Fire Mage
Recently bought a lvl 4(?) guild for personal banker to play AH - Mahbanka

Still need to move lvl 85 Demo Lock (Loxz) from Boulderfist - wrapping up selling off stuff with banker toon (Dadz).

I am helpful, polite, easy going for the most part and very considerate of others. I am tired of playing with self-centered douche bags who expect no one to ever make a mistake, but when they do its not a big deal.

Just looking for guild with decent people to have a good time with, and if can eventually contribute to raiding, great, otherwise, I am there to help out and have fun.

Thank you for your consideration. Very Happy


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Re: Lahks - Warrior - DPS

Post  MPChedda on Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:41 pm

Hey Greg! Shoot me a whisper in-game on Suganem/Foacad or hit up an officer if I'm not on. You sound like a great fit so I'll get you an invite when we can =)

-Matt (GM)

PS - I think I saw from Prat that you whispered me earlier when I was AFK


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Re: Lahks - Warrior - DPS

Post  Zhorn on Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:02 am

Already added to the guild, great fit!

Moved to archive.

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Re: Lahks - Warrior - DPS

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