How to act in raid (Rules while raiding)

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How to act in raid (Rules while raiding)

Post  MPChedda on Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:13 pm

Copied from my post on facebook <3

For all raid teams and those interested in raiding -- MUST READ

Raiding in Adult Swim is a privilege, not a right. We value our community and how we treat one another above all else. With that being said, there are multiple rules that you MUST adhere by if you wish to raid here. If you cannot follow these rules, do not be surprised when you get benched, kicked, or severely reprimanded.


1. The rule of the raid leader(s) is absolute. There is a reason why they are the raid leader. They have the backing of the officers (primarily myself and/or Jay), and our utmost trust to do the best for the raid.

- This means that under no circumstances should you disrespect them. If you have an issue with how something is being handled, talk to them directly and discreetly, and if you feel your problem is not resolved, contact me next.

- Disrespecting a raid leader and more importantly, the raid team, is cause for immediate benching and/or removal from a team. Now this isn't necessarily what would happen, but should it occur, know that it is within the bounds of reason.

2. The raid trumps all. AKA Raid > YOU.

- If you're bitching about loot, buh-bye. If you're bitching about being benched, buh-bye. If you're not acting with the best interests of the team, buh-bye. Clearly there are exceptions that can occur, but in general this is a straight forward ruleset.

3. Our culture is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to us.

- Each raid team has a different culture (Team Z the library, Alpha does NOT shut up ever, etc), but we expect each team to follow the basic morality code we've set in place for the guild. I'm not going to go through it, everyone knows it. Just don't fuck your team because you're having a shitty day.


You do not deserve a spot on any raid team. You earn that spot through hard work, skill, time factors, and most importantly DEDICATION. If you aren't dedicated to the team you're currently on, you have no chance of doing well or moving up if that's your goal. Treat your raidmates well.

As an aside about this tier of raiding. It's hard. DS is not comparable in ANY way, shape or fashion to it. Alpha wiped to normal stone puppies 10-15 times. We wiped to Elegon 60+ times. You're going to wipe. People are going to make completely moronic moves. It happens. EVERYONE does it. Don't get bent out of shape because a night isn't going well, that's raiding. If you don't understand that you clearly haven't been a member of a raid team in the past. DS is an anomaly, don't judge progression based on the end of Cataclysm.



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Re: How to act in raid (Rules while raiding)

Post  Zhorn on Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:47 pm

And this is how to NOT act in raids.

How not to app to alpha. Keep in mind I have had heart-to-hearts with him about proper behavior 3 times during his 3 week trial. He just couldn't stop himself from interjecting over the raid leader in a few occasions. My suggestion was to unplug his mic... he just couldn't do it. Oh well... hopefully others can learn from this FFS -- my rant on a raid app who won't stop talking.

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