A message to our new/current applicants

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A message to our new/current applicants

Post  Zhorn on Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:41 pm

Oi guild. I hope you're enjoying the new WoW expansion, it's being a hell of a ride so far.

With a fresh new tier, there is always a renewed interest in raiding. The high expectations set up by Team Alpha usually summon that feeling "Damn, this is cool, I want to raid too. I need a raid spot!".

During the last year we played with several possibilities and managed to build a raid structure in the guild that you probably never seen anywhere else. We happened to have 6 full different raid teams with regular Dragon Soul kills every week, with 4 of those teams working on heroic content.

The guild has all the tools to provide unique, mutually exclusive teams with the basic structure needed for raiding in Adult Swim. Right now we have 3 teams: Alpha, Beta and Team Z. All of these teams are traditional and have been in place for more than an year.

You may have some troubles to find a spot in the current teams. But hey, this is a guild of adults. We QQ about work, divorce and global warmth, not loot. Guess what: our turnover ratio is higher than the usual raid teams.


This is data for Team Z only. Jay and Dimo can tell you about how many times they had to headhunt for Alpha and Beta too.


1. If you want to raid, let us know. Post your application, you're going to be added to the raiders pool. It's sort of a "repository" for raid leaders to complete their team;

2. If there is no raid spot for you at the moment, be patient. Keep showing up, eventually a spot *WILL* open, it's guaranteed. Don't give up.

3. Chances are there will be new teams forming in due time. Remember Insomnia, Kickstart, AltZ and the infamous Shitstorm? Who said they're down for good?

Enjoy your time in WoW, feel free to contact Zhorn or any other officers to talk about the different raid teams.

And global warmth too, of course.

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Re: A message to our new/current applicants

Post  JayJohnsonMA on Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:10 am

Well put. This ^


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