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Post  JayJohnsonMA on Sat May 12, 2012 1:24 pm

/g Welcome to <Adult Swim> no racism, no homophobic crap, be nice to people. This applies to trade, pugs, guild chat, etc. Basically.. don't be an effin assbag.
/g Thanks and Welcome to the Swim.
/g join us on facebook: tinyurl.com/adultswimfb

/g app to a raid team: teamz.boardonly.com
/g *Important* we don't have many rules here at The Swim but if you say shit like "g@y" "fagg0t" "n1gger" or the like.. even in jest.. you'll find a gkick up your ass faster than you can say "I was just kidding"

/g The best way to succeed here is: be social (say hello, goodbye, grats, etc) - Try to help those that ask for it. Save your vanilla war stories for a kiddie guild/g a. We respect people who are polite and helpful. Welcome to a different kind of guild.

/g Promotions earn you more guild repair money, access to flasks, feasts, etc - each time you level up in guild rep you get a promotion. PST an officer at each level to receive promotion.


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