Raiders Pool Explained

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Raiders Pool Explained

Post  JayJohnsonMA on Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:55 am

We have a lot of raid teams. Like any team(s) there is quite a bit of raider turnover. Being an adult guild where RL is valued above raiding, our turn over at any given time is probably higher than most raiding guilds. With this in mind, we created the Raider's Pool. A place where raid leaders and wannabe-raiders can hook up to find a win/win.

Example process
1. Raid Leader X hears from healer-Y that they'll need to stop raiding for the summer
2. Raid leader checks this forum for raiders that meet his/her raid's schedule/xp required
3. The raid leader contacts this person in-game or on the forums.
4. If a match is made the player is removed from the raider's pool forum.


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