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Application Template

Post  Zhorn on Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:22 pm

Post your application here, in this forum. Create a new thread, with the following title:
NAME - CLASS - ROLE. Zhorn - Warrior - Tank/DPS or Doc - Shaman - Resto/DPS, etc.

REMINDER:Try to register to the forums using your IN-GAME CHARACTER NAME. Fun names are fun, but it adds an extra level of miscommunication to the process.


  • If you're going to gquit or transfer because you don't get into a team in the first week, spare us the trouble and don't post.
  • We're not going to babysit you through this application process. We have a few different teams, find the mindset and schedule that best suits you and start working for your spot. Meet the team's minimum requirements, talk to their leaders, show up for raids even if you know you're going to play a backup.
  • You're applying to a raid team. To raid, you need a FRESH RAID ID, be smart and don't get saved before your team runs, they may need you.
  • FOLLOW your application post. If someone asks something, answer it.
  • Know the loot rules and what the guild expects from you. Read through the stickies/announcements. By posting your application you're agreeing to those.


Real Life name (optional):

Character name:
Main spec:
Off-spec: (if you're not geared or not experienced for your OS, leave it empty.)

Armory link:

Team you're interested in joining:

Do you feel you could attend to at least 90% of the team's raids?

Background: tell us what you think we need to know about you, your raiding attitude, your approach to the game, etc etc etc.

Good luck, be patient, and you'll be raiding with the Swim sooner or later.

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