Raiding expectations

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Raiding expectations

Post  Zhorn on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:29 pm

Don't ask why we don't run 25s. Ever. Really, don't do it.

Before applying

  • Register to this website, preferably with your in-game character name.
  • If you can't find how to register, we're sorry for you.
  • Read all the announcements and stickies. Know the rules.
  • Be informed about our different raiding teams. Know their raid times, their gameplay style (hardcore, casuals, etc) and their specific expectations (experience, gear level).

When applying

  • Once you know about our teams, try to pick the best one for you, the one you'd be a good fit for.
  • By posting an application, you let us know that you want to raid, in what role, and what team you'd like to be part of. Make sure to mention if you have raid-capable alts for other roles.
  • Have the minimum gear level (if you can queue for the new LFR tool you're ok to raid with us)
  • Have proper min/max spec for pve
  • Proper max enchants
  • Proper max gems
  • Proper reforging
  • Be patient. Applying doesn't guarantee you a raid spot. We have 450+ level 85 players, and not as many raid spots. Do the math.
  • Be aware that, in this guild, you need to EARN your raid spot. I won't tell you how you're supposed to earn a spot, you're sufficiently smart to guess it.

When you get called up into a team roster

  • Be early
  • Be repaired
  • Research the boss fights (videos, forums, etc)
  • Have vent
  • Have mic
  • Just because you have a mic doesn't mean we want to hear you blather on
  • Never QQ about loot, EVER
  • Make every effort to be 100% attendance. This is a team and all members are required to play. Don't let your team down.
  • Make advanced notice if you need to miss an occasional night.
  • Research your class for rotations, min/maxing. Aka, don't suck.
  • Know and love that you can do more than your role (interrupt, brez, off heal, off tank, etc)
  • Know the loot rules and how it works.

If you don't agree with the above, I strongly suggest you find another guild to raid with. We don't want to know WHY you think this or that rule doesn't work for you. To raid with us, this is what we expect from you.

If you agree, we wish you the best of luck. With dedication and patience, you will find your way into one of our raiding teams.

In the wise words of Tyler Durden:

Tyler Durden wrote:
All right, if the applicant is young, tell him he's too young. Old, too old. Fat, too fat. If the applicant then waits for three days without food, shelter, or encouragement he may then enter and begin his training.

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