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Raiding Teams explained

Post  Zhorn on Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:17 am

Raiding in Adult Swim explained
By Jason Johnson

Adult Swim Raiding Goal: To make sure everyone who wants to raid gets to raid, with the appropriate team.

The guild always has - at any given time - independent and mutually exclusive raiding teams. These teams are created based on different schedules, play styles, approach to progression and overall attitude. They may vary in number and activity depending on many unpredictable factors (real life breaks, start/end of tier interest, etc).

All Adult Swim candidates: are friendly, take constructive criticism, care more about their team's success over personal loot goals, and have fairly good attendance.


If you're new to the guild's raid scheme, please read about the currently available teams. Try and find one that suits your schedule and play style. Register to this website - preferentially under your in-game character name - and post an application letting us know about your interest in raiding.

Raid Schedule: regular, Tue/Thur/Sun @ 7:30 pm server
Team Leader: Frontallobe

Ideal Candidate: The very best of our guild at any given time. This roster is dynamic and changes as people come up. Hardcore mentality with research, class mechanics, and attendance.

Mission: To clear HM content and meta achievements within the time frame of the tier's existence.

Alpha is under a process of restructuring its core, and will probably be reactivating its raid schedule in the near future.

Raid Schedule: regular, Tue/Sun @ 6:30pm (raid lasts approx. 3 hours)
Team Leader: Deagleclips

Ideal Candidate: Serious, dedicated and committed players that however don't have enough time to raid under a hardcore schedule or structure. While the team enforces a "no wasted time" attitude during raids and expects a minimum amount of pre-raid preparation, the schedule itself is pretty casual: 6 hours per week of actual raiding, with dead-on starting and ending times. Our roster has 12 to 13 players and a fair rotation system is in order. Our raiders know in advance when they're going to sit out for the night.

Mission: To clear normal content within the time frame of the tier's existence. Hard modes and meta achievements are a bonus, and may or may not be pursued.

Every raiding team in Adult Swim runs a Team Loot Council (TLC) system:

  • Everyone in the team is in the loot council.
  • If you want an item that drops, let the raid know by linking what you are replacing in raid chat.
  • The raiders not interested in said loot then send a tell to the raid leader, with their vote on who should receive the item. You can vote for a "roll" if you think all interested members deserve it equally.
  • Loot is then awarded.

This system allows you to consider variables that are impossible to quantify in a DKP-like system. Effort? Skill? Attendance? Attitude? Loot scooping history? Best for which class? Upgrade? If you have great people with rational brains, this system is clutch. Fortunately, it's our case.

I've seen this used without players being properly informed though. They just kept giving the loot to the person with the worst piece regardless of all the variables above. In that use, it's a complete fail. Keep it mind that it's not an automatic "the highest upgrade gets it". Sometimes you award a piece of loot and that kid never shows up again.

BoEs: All BoE, patterns, special craft components (Living Embers etc) are kept for the guild bank. At raid leaders discretion, it can be awarded to someone's MAIN SPEC if it's a noticeable upgrade. Otherwise, it goes to guild bank to help to cover repair costs and flasks/consumables.

Rookie Rule: New raiders, whether they are new to the guild or not, are on a 3 week trial period for the team they are on. They are not allowed to request for loot. If loot is going to be sharded or go to someones offspec that is NOT used in the raid then the leader can give the loot to the applicant.

Register to this website using your in-game character name. If you're interested in raiding with us, post your application here. Welcome to the Swim, may all your hits be crits.

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